Trucking of both complete and small-size (consolidated) cargoes is the main type of activity of our company.

We offer our clients the delivery of goods by any type of road transport (tilt-covered trucks, all-metal trucks, refrigerators, trucks for out of gauge loads) as well as by special vehicles licensed for transportation of dangerous goods.
When transporting small-size and groupage cargos, upon agreement with our customers in order to accelerate the process of cargo collection and delivery and cut the delivery costs, and without compromising on the quality, we use the delivery schemes that involve cargo transfer in one of our partners’ warehouses.
Complete reliability check of engaged carriers gives the confidence in the high quality and timeliness of cargo delivery.

Trucking is characterized by certain advantages:
  • Prompt collection of cargo from shipper;
  • Rather fast speed of cargo delivery;
  • High safety of cargo;
  • Tracking of cargo movement;
  • Flexibility and promptness in case of changed requirements to transportation.