Transportation of animals

Dear customers!
We temporarily do not provide services for the international transportation of animals. Since the airports with which we cooperated (Boryspil and Zhuliany) are not working due war in Ukraine.

We provide international air transportation services for dogs, cats and other animals, including large ones.

Transportation of four-legged pets is always very responsible. Animals belong to the category of special cargo, and their transportation is regulated by the legislation of the countries of export / import and transit.

Brokbridge is certified by the International Air Transport Association IATA. We treat each "live cargo" with increased attention and do everything to make the animals feel calm and comfortable while traveling.

Working with us, you can be sure that the flight of your pet will be organized correctly and safely.

Answers to popular questions

At what age can dogs and cats be taken out of the country?
From 4 months, with all the necessary vaccinations and documents.
What documents are required to transport animals abroad?
For international transportation you will need:
  • microchip,
  • international veterinary passport,
  • copy of the owner's passport,
  • veterinary certificate: Form 1 for international transport / Form 1BET for transport within the CIS,
  • certificate of the presence of antibodies to rabies in the blood,
  • certificate of breeding value,
  • documents individually requested by the country of arrival or transit.
What is the advantage of air transportation over other types of animal transportation?
Transportation of animals by plane has a number of important advantages:
  • guaranteed high speed of delivery, which reduces the stress period,
  • possibility of transportation to anywhere in the world,
  • safety and reliability.
Are there any peculiarities of transporting an animal by plane?
Any transportation has its own characteristics and air transportation is no exception:
  • at the time of departure, the animal must be healthy,
  • animals are allowed to import / export only with properly executed accompanying documents,
  • the animal is transported in a specially equipped box/cage/container.
What is the cost of shipping the animal?
Delivery cost depends on many components and is calculated individually in each case.
Why Choose Brockbridge?
  • we have the necessary knowledge in the field of international transport, which is confirmed by the appropriate certificates and licenses,
  • we deliver animals in the most reliable and safe way - by air,
  • we use an individual approach to the transportation of each animal and carry out transportation with maximum comfort for your pets.

For all questions, please call or write to us: +44 792 664-78-43 animals@brokbridge.com

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